Trace Moisture Analyzer

Trace moisture analyzer instruments
Portable and fixed installation trace moisture analyzers
Courtesy Teledyne Analytical Instruments
Moisture, the presence of water molecules, can impact certain products and processes in undesirable ways. Trace moisture analysis of clean gases can be accomplished using aluminum oxide sensors, one of several technologies available.

Instruments are available for continuous monitoring of moisture levels, or spot checking. Aluminum oxide moisture sensors rely on the change in capacitance within the sensor, which varies with the moisture content.

A concern with aluminum oxide sensor technology is drift associated with temperature and aging. A great degree of this has been alleviated through changes in sensor structure. The technology and instrumentation is easily applied and requires little in the way of maintenance other then periodic calibration.

More detail and explanation of the technology and instruments can be found in the brochure included below. Share your process analytical measurement challenges with experienced product specialists, combining your own process knowledge and experience with their up to date product expertise to develop effective solutions.