Process Gas Chromatographs and Flare Monitoring

gas flare at petroleum oil refinery
Flare monitoring requires specialized instruments to
meet regulatory requirements.
Gas chromatography is a common analysis tool employed in many areas of industry, including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, and others. Yokogawa Corporation of America  has been delivering top tier industrial GC performance with their GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph for use in oil and gas, and other industrial applications.

Modern regulatory requirements for flare gas management highlight an application area for gas chromatography. Yokogawa provides an analysis of the requirements for flare monitoring, related regulatory compliance, and how various measurement and analysis techniques and equipment can aid in delivering a successful compliance plan. Industrial gas chromatographs can play a part in a compliance plan for flare monitoring.

In addition to the ruggedness and reliability for which Yokogawa gas chromatographs are well known, the GC8000 brings a number of innovations and improvements to the company’s process gas chromatography product offering that deliver easier operation and more efficient utilization.
  • Color touchscreen HMI for easy operation
  • Advanced predictive diagnostics and software functions monitor key performance indicators during each analysis to verify analyzer is operating within proper tolerances.
  • Parallel chromatography is made practical through the use of the GC Modules provided as part of the GC8000. Virtual GCs can be set up inside a single GC with GC Modules to measure multiple streams simultaneously.
More detail is available on the GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph, the culmination of Yokogawa’s 55 years of experience in the field. For more information, or to discuss your application specifics, contact a product specialist.