Miller Energy Expanding Customer Connectivity With New Website Function

Engineering technician inspecting precision part
At Miller Energy, use website chat to connect directly with technicians
and product specialists.
Miller Energy will be rolling out real time chat on their website in early February. This new feature is another in a long line of continuous improvements the company has brought on line to better serve and connect with their customer base. On the desktop version, a chat widget will appear on every website page as a small tab on side of the display. A click of the widget will open a chat window and the visitor can type in their question or comment. Site visitors using mobile devices are afforded the same functionality.

Steve Collins, the Miller Energy website designer at CMS4i, commented on MEI's increased level of connectivity..
"The chat implementation at Miller Energy is notable because it connects customers directly with technically qualified employees that are part of the day to day company operations. Customers will be communicating with real “hands on” engineers and specialists familiar with process measurement and control, and engaged in the field on a daily basis."
Look for the chat function on the Miller Energy website in early February. Use it to get fast answers to your questions from knowledgeable and engaged industry professionals.