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Opportunity For Improving Power Plant Heat Rate

electric power plant
Opportunities for improving efficiency at power plants
The large scale of most power plants provides a environment in which financial justification, or payback, of attempts to improve energy consumption can be justified. Even small improvements in efficiency can yield very substantial returns. The challenge to engineering and management is to select the projects which have the best overall probability of success and can be integrated into the process with the least amount of disturbance.

One area of the steam cycle that may be a candidate for improvement is the feedwater heater. This device is essentially a shell and tube heat exchanger used to recover waste heat from the process and use it to preheat boiler feedwater. Maintaining the correct liquid level in the feedwater heater is a key element of extracting maximum performance. Magnetrol, a globally recognized leader in the development of level measurement equipment, has produced a video showing how their technology can be used in an advantageous manner to others in regulating feedwater heater liquid level and achieving maximum efficiency.

Optimizing Level Control in Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants

Magnetrol® International and Orion Instruments®, both recognized global innovators in level measurement technology, provide optimizing solutions for liquid level control in combined cycle gas turbine plants and other similar applications.

An overall cost analysis can reveal savings in the range of 25% to 35% through the application of the most advantageous level measurement technology. Miller Energy, Inc. has developed a short presentation and discussion regarding recent developments now available in the Magnetrol® Eclipse Line of guided wave radar level instruments.

More detail is provided on the single page document provided below. Reach out to Miller Energy and learn how your operation may benefit from the application of guided wave radar level measurement technology.