Handbook on pH and ORP Measurement

pH ORP analyzer transmitter
Dual input pH analyzer and transmitter
Courtesy Yokogawa
Measurement of pH/ORP is a common operation throughout a number of industries. Obtaining true measurements and making correct interpretation of the results can prove challenging without solid working knowledge of the methodology and procedure involved. Certain effects have the ability to cause problems if not taken into consideration.

The book provided below, authored and provided by Yokogawa Electric Corporation, provides a comprehensive understanding of pH/ORP measurement and how to achieve reliable results. Basic information on the principles of measuring pH/ORP, construction of the sensing elements, and their basic use in process applications is provided.

A part of achieving accurate and reliable pH/ORP measurements includes the provision of sufficient electrode strorage conditions and proper maintenance. Prevention of common errors during maintenance and storage, as well as consistent detection of loop failures is important. This book describes how to avoid pitfalls and detect failures.

The book is accompanied with a frequently asked question and answer section as well as an appendix that includes helpful information like a Chemical Compatibility Table and a Liquid-Application-Data-Sheet, which can be used to describe the user’s application.