Process Measurement and Control - Selecting the Right Flow Meter Technology

Vortex Flow Meter - Yokogawa Corporation
Vortex Flow Meter
Courtesy Yokogawa Corp.
Magnetic Flow Meter - Yokogawa Corporation
Magnetic Flow Meter
Courtesy Yokogawa Corp.
Many industrial process control operations require fluid flow measurement as an essential element in the process design. Accurate flow measurement can be obtained with the proper application and installation of a flow meter as part of the fluid transfer system.
Industrial flow meters employ differing technologies to directly or indirectly measure fluid flow rates. Among the many available technologies for fluid flow measurement, vortex flow meters, magnetic flow meters, Coriolis flow meters, and rotameter flow meters are among some of the most common found in industry.
Coriolis Flow Meter - Yokogawa Corp.
Coriolis Flow Meter
Courtesy Yokogawa Corp.
Rotameter Flow Meters - Yokogawa Corporation
Rotameter Flow Meters
Courtesy Yokogawa Corp.
Each of the separate technologies have attributes which can make them more suitable to certain applications. Selecting the most appropriate flow measurement technology for an application is one of the initial and crucial steps to designing a well functioning fluid measurement system.
Selection criteria, such as fluid temperature, pressure, and velocity will be part of the selection process. Additional considerations include whether the fluid may be abrasive, corrosive, clean or dirty. The state of the fluid, liquid or gas, must also be considered.
The table below provides quick general guidance on which technologies to consider, based upon the factors outlined above. This will help you better focus further product selection research efforts.
Industrial Flow Meter Selection Table - Yokogawa Corporation
Flow Meter Technology Selection Table
Courtesy Yokogawa Corporation of America
Selecting the right valve is not always an easy task, especially since it may be something that you do infrequently. Manufacturers often have knowledgeable local representatives that are experienced in this field and more than willing to contribute their expertise to your selection process.